Do you have questions? We have answers!

Q: I just placed an order, when will it ship!?

A: Well, that depends on what you ordered! If it's an item that contains *pre-order* in the product title or something about a pre-ordering closing date in the description, then your item will not ship right away. 
If your order is in stock, without a pre-order label it will ship on our next mail day.
However, this does not apply to orders fulfilled outside of Lewd Complex HQ.
Order fulfilled outside of Lewd Complex HQ will ship 2-7 days after purchase.
(You'll know whats fulfilled outside of HQ before purchase. There's a product warning.)

Q: Well, when are your mail days?

A: Mail days are every Monday and Friday. Placed an order on Tuesday? It won't go out until Friday. Placed an order on Friday night? Saturday morning? It will ship on Monday!

Q: Wait.. explain these pre-orders more PLEASE! How do they work!?

A: Okay, so an item labeled pre-order is either in production, meaning it's not in-hand at headquarters, so it's not ready to ship out. OR the item has not even gone into production meaning it has yet to be birthed into this world. The description of the product will usually explain the status of the item, whether or not it's in production or if it will go into production at a certain date. 
For example "pre-orders for this item will close on 6/9 (followed by a paragraph)" means that we will take orders for that specific item until the date 6/9. Once that date comes, we close off pre-orders and tally up every order. We then place a production order with our partners and have them create every product that was ordered. This method allows us to guarantee your size to make sure you don't miss out on the product. Sure, we could have stock, but once it's gone, it's gone. If we open pre-orders for a certain amount of time, it usually gives everyone a chance to get the product. Although we love this method, we realize that the long wait is not worth it, so per request and impatience of many customers, we are transitioning into a store that runs off stock.

Q: How long does production take for pre-ordered products?

A: Production usually takes around two weeks for products such as stickers. For clothing, it takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Once production is done, it takes time to ship to us. Most of our products are made within the country so it only takes a few days. After that, we package your orders and ship them off to you. If you are in the country, it should only take a few days. Most orders include tracking as well. Stickers are about the only products that don't. If you are out of the country, it will take a week+ for shipping. It varies from country to country and customs can sometimes be a pain. Make sure you track your orders!

Q: I've ordered an item that's in stock and on pre-order, what happens next?

A: If any in-stock items are ordered with pre-order items, they will not ship out until the pre-ordered items are complete and have arrived at HQ.

Q: I've ordered items that are fulfilled at different locations. What does this mean?

A: There is no reason to panic! All this means is that your orders are packed and shipped from two different locations. This means you will receive your order in two different packages and most likely on two different days. If the order is fulfilled outside of Lewd Complex HQ and you are located in Europe, you will most likely receive the part of your order fulfilled outside of LC HQ first. Anything fulfilled at Lewd Complex HQ is packed and shipped from the US.

Q: I no longer want to wait on my pre-order.. can I get a refund?

A: Sorry, no refunds, exchanges or returns. If there is a problem with your order or address, please send us an email at business@lewdcomplex.com
If you can't deal with the long wait times for pre-orders, please do not pre-order an item.

Q: There was a problem with my order. What can I do??

A: If there is a problem with your order, please contact us first via email.
If you received the wrong size, a damaged product, extra product or something is missing, this can be solved. 
We have a no refund policy but there are exceptions.
With our products being fulfilled at two different locations, depending on the product you have an issue with, the return address may vary.
Again, please email us right away if there is an issue with your order!

Q: I have more questions!

A: Shoot us an email! business@lewdcomplex.com